Are you under stressed?

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Under stressed, Anders have you lost your mind!

The short answer is no.

The longer version is, I have been deeply understressed and I am to this day, struggeling with that problem. It might seem like a luxury problem in today’s hectic and stressful environment, but it still is and will for high performers, be a lurking problem. The good news is, by focusing our attention and developing continuos forward momentum by deep visioning, disciplined goalsetting and follow up, we can overcome this nasty problem.

‘Anders Brogaard - Coach - Are you under stressed?’

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Let us dive into what under stress could look like.

If you start losing interest, motivation and enthusiasm for you daily routines, task that you needed getting done, for you to reach your goals. Now they seem boring, you postpone, and they pile up. Suddenly they pile up so much you avoid them and procrastinate. You lose track of your purpose, your vision for life. Fun times seem like a thing of the past and your thoughts circle around how colorless life seem to be.

The only time you get a glimpse of that good old powerhouse that was the energetic you, are when you procrastinated so long, that eminent danger is around the corner, in form of deadlines, economic collapse, relationship crash or other hectic situations that need your absolute focused attention and talent.

You my friend are under stressed!

The reason is simply, that your need for using your skills and talents is not being met. The gap between what you can do and what is asked of you, has gotten too big. There is no pocket’s of flowstate to fuel you.

The only way you can create any forward momentum and feel a bit of stress hormone pumping through your veins, is by delaying and procrastinating, till the time when all your skills have to be used to save yourself, the project, the relationship etc. etc.

My personal experience with this came from working alone. I moved to London and had previously run my photography business from a big studio with a few employees. Now I worked out of an office at home, where I planned my travels for shoots around the world. It was lonely and shooting became trivial. It was way to easy for me to do my work and I started to self-destruct in some areas and seek development in others.

In that seeking for self development, I decided that moving to Scotland to get out in the wild, must be following my inner values of nature. Wrong wrong wrong. Under stress might seem like over stress, but don’t get fooled. To put me on a mountain, great experience, it vas novel, it was exiting to live and learn in nature. But I forgot that my calling is people and as soon as the novelty of weekly mountain adventures slowed down. Back came the feeling of not performing to my full ability.

I found out the hard way, you don’t have to. Coaching your way out of procrastination and under stress can make wonders for your quality of life. You will be amazed by what goals you can reach in life once your engines are up and fully running again. Fueled by the right amount of stress hormone, with amazing time spent in flowstate, achieving more in a day, than you could in a week under stressed.

Find your values, your life vision, set big goals, chunk them down and start living a balanced life free over or under stress symptoms. It’s much more fun, trust me.

Stay balanced, stay high on life, stay succesful.

Anders Brogaard

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En betroet rådgiver, en person, der har din ryg, en der hjælper dig til at nå de resultater, du vil skabe. Den person, med hvem du udfordrer og udforsker din mentale kapacitet til innovation og ydeevne. Alt med en afbalanceret helhedstilgang.  Ledere, der har varig succes ved, at balance er nøglen og finder det uvurderligt. Jeg kan hjælpe dig med at udvikle dig og trives personligt og professionelt. Sammen sætter vi rammerne for dine behov, forventninger og mål.

̈ Det er dig der bestiger dit eget bjerg af succes. Som din coach er jeg bjergguiden, der fra en anden position kan hjælpe dig med at få nyt perspektiv i valg af vej og navigere i de mange udfordringer, du vil støde på på rejsen til toppen¨

-Anders Brogaard

‘Anders Brogaard - Coach’