Go create your dreams!

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“The antidote for the havoc happening in the world is personal development. We must expand the hearts and minds of our children, so they act from a different place than the previous generations. To educate the children, we must expand the minds of the parents. They are the main teachers of our coming generations”

‘Anders Brogaard - Coach - Go create your dreams!’

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Being a creative, as an entrepreneur, as a person starting a new education or career.  You might be working outside the normal evaluation system and the norm of your social group. When you create or do something new, most people can’t evaluate it based on anything they know, and it confuses them. The majority will react against what you do, to get their worldview back to status quo and feel validated in their own choices in life.

The build-up stage of a business is super lonely for an entrepreneur because you must rely on yourself. I can tell you that when you break through, the loneliness can hit you again, because you grew so much as a person, that you are not the same and will feel detached from some friends and things you used to feel familiar with.

For you to succeed you must push through the fear of standing alone. You must be able to rely on your gut feeling and stop seeking advice among people who have no idea about what it is you are doing.

“Don’t be so attached to who you think you are. That it stands in the way of you, becoming all that you are meant to be”

Stop seeking validation from people! The questions we ask are often just us seeking a pad on the shoulder when we feel exhausted or we are in front of a big task, at a big wall that needs to be broken down. Don’t ask questions just for validation, it undermines yourself belief and your ability to take decisions.

Don’t let fear prevent you from seizing the good opportunities and never let the opinions of others stop you from creating what you were put here to create.

If you are too proud of who you think you are, to take honest inventory and focus on the areas where you are weak and need to change. You must let go of that ego, even if it sacrifices the last fragile parts of a self-image that is not serving your progress anyway  Watch yourself, pay attention, without emotions, just look at your strengths and weaknesses without judging or making excuses. Take inventory honestly and work on the areas where your potential is not being brought forward.

¨When i move nearer my target, I move the target. When I feel comfortable in my group, I expand it.¨

Never hold on to weakness, just because it feels comfortable, it’s human nature to hold on to what we know.  Working on yourself is an adventure, it is a hard struggle and the most meaningful thing you can do, not only for yourself, but for the people around you.

You can do amazing things, go do it.

Anders Brogaard.

CEO Yanantin Academy // Coach

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En betroet rådgiver, en person, der har din ryg, en der hjælper dig til at nå de resultater, du vil skabe. Den person, med hvem du udfordrer og udforsker din mentale kapacitet til innovation og ydeevne. Alt med en afbalanceret helhedstilgang.  Ledere, der har varig succes ved, at balance er nøglen og finder det uvurderligt. Jeg kan hjælpe dig med at udvikle dig og trives personligt og professionelt. Sammen sætter vi rammerne for dine behov, forventninger og mål.

̈ Det er dig der bestiger dit eget bjerg af succes. Som din coach er jeg bjergguiden, der fra en anden position kan hjælpe dig med at få nyt perspektiv i valg af vej og navigere i de mange udfordringer, du vil støde på på rejsen til toppen¨

-Anders Brogaard

‘Anders Brogaard - Coach’