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¨Steve Jobs & the reality distortion field.¨

Bud Tribble at Apple Computers used the term ¨Reality distortion field¨ to describe the transformational effect, Steve Jobs charisma had on the people listening to his visions for new Apple products.

‘Anders Brogaard - Coach - It starts with you!’

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People would come into a meeting with Jobs and listen to what he had in mind, thinking he was out of his mind. Which you could argue he was, he was out of his own mind, tapping into the universal intelligence from which all creation springs.

Tribble said that the term came from Star Trek, where in the episode “The Menagerie”, it was used to describe how the aliens created their own new world through mental force.

Jobs, an avid meditator had been on a quest to India in 1974, almost becoming a Buddhist monk. The Zen meditation practice stayed with Jobs, who frequently went on meditation retreats and meditated daily. Using his intuition to visualize products, the world did not know it needed, Jobs connected meditation and technology, collapsing the gap between future and present.

Physics states that everything in the universe is built out of energy. When you go smaller than your cells, to atoms, nucleus and all the way down to quarks and planks, beyond that we are looking at small energy swirls and beyond that point we reach pure consciousness and there is nothing behind that. It is all there is in the basic form, consciousness is what everything is on the foundational level, and it is evenly distributed throughout the universe, no more no less.

The interesting thing about the energy swirls, is that they are there and then not there. We are basically built like the binary number system of zero and one’s, on or off (How computers operate).

We go from physical to pure consciousness on the fundamental level all the time. Well, I say time. In quantum physic it states that time is an illusion that we humans use to navigate the physical realm. For a light photon, time does not exist. It is at the sun and then it is at earth and the distance was never travelled in the sense we call time.

Your energy swirls are here, then they are in consciousness and back again. You vibrate at an incredible speed and each time your swirls go out into consciousness they take information out there and bring information back, from the unified field of intelligence.

That is why 1000, 10.000, 100.000 people meditating on peace can change their environment for hundreds of miles around them, even lowering crime.

What you broadcast changes the world and it changes what you create in your immediate world around you. Your perception creates your reality by thought.

The moment we think collectively we transform the world and what we think creates our world on the physical plane as well as mental. Your main thought pattern becomes a habit, run by your subconscious. Most of your pattern of thought is built up by input you got from the environment in your immediate surrounding growing up.

The way you communicate with your physical realm and spiritual realm is largely habit. You can change that by creating new habit and thought patterns and hereby vibrate on a higher level, connecting on a more positive creational side of conscious manifestation.

What you look for you will find. When you state the hypothesis that ¨This will be a bad day¨, your subconscious will be searching for signs of things going against what you believe in your mindset to be good. And the more signs it finds, the more affirmed you are in your hypothesis and your emotional state will create even more low vibrational energy that creates worse things throughout your day.

The same with the positive statement ¨This will be a great day¨. Your mind will search to affirm this hypothesis and throughout the day, you will build a vibrational resonance that creates the day you claimed it would be.

You are as such a radio made of flesh and bones, with a receiver and transmitter on top, built by infinite consciousness.

When you start to understand this, it is like a child hammering away on a toy piano, suddenly sitting by a grand piano, reading the notes, then playing and understanding the universal music, slowly becoming able to create your own notes and create your own melody of life.

Your body is a co-creation of around 50 trillion cells. Each cell is self-sufficient, it has its own immune system, their own memory and for around 2.75 billion years, there was only single celled organisms alive on our planet.

At some point the cell ran in to a limitation, as the intelligence is connected to the cell membrane, and it can only have a certain amount of membrane around it.

For a long time, evolution kind of stood still, until cells started to come together and co-create. (Some theories say by accident).

There more cells working together, the more possible intelligence and awareness.

You are a community of cells working together to be you. The mind is the governing center and when it’s not working in harmony, the nature of the co-creation between cells become distorted and the body become sick.

Your diet, environment and most importantly your thoughts influence your brain which creates chemistry released into your bloodstream, going out to every cell in your body. What you feel becomes the chemical manuscript that goes out to your cells.

You see how your mind creates the physical realm, not only by thought, but by these thoughts creating an emotional vibrational state that sends signals to your body and to others on both the physical and quantum level.

The doctrine of the church tells the faithful to close their hands, bow down their head and fear the big god above. In meditation you open your hands, sit straight, and connect yourself to the big universal field.

Not many go to church anymore, so a new paradigm led by the sheep themselves (humans) has been created. We bow our heads, look at our smart device and pray to the conformist ideas and doctrines of how to look, behave and consume.

There are 2 billion users a day on Instagram alone. Active for 28min in average.

If you set an average human lifetime to 85 years, that is around 11 million human lifetimes spent on Instagram a day, every day, 365 days a year.

That is a mind-blowing 4 billion lifetimes spent every year, on one social media app alone.

If humans spent just a fraction of that time in meditation, connected to the unified field. Think about the power we would have.

Jobs created the I-phone using his ability to tap in to the endless resources of the unified intelligence. Would Jobs have done so, if he knew. If he knew, that by creating this product he largely created a device, that disconnected the masses from the field he so loved to tap in to. The lifestyle he advocated so heartfelt, now suffers (due to amongst other things), this product.

The world is suffering under the culture of consumption, unsustainable capitalism, and greed.

We can change that, by changing our way of operating our mind and the way we look at connecting to source, spirit.

The more people that are willing to step back into the way we naturally were intended to operate, the more people dare to leave the sedated comfort zone and step out without needing validation. To live their true potential, the more will follow.

It takes not everyone but a few, to slowly change the cultural heritage cycle we so desperately need to break.

It starts with you, breaking the habit of thought that you have been conditioned with up through childhood and youth.

We are creators!

Anders Brogaard,Copenhagen.

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En betroet rådgiver, en person, der har din ryg, en der hjælper dig til at nå de resultater, du vil skabe. Den person, med hvem du udfordrer og udforsker din mentale kapacitet til innovation og ydeevne. Alt med en afbalanceret helhedstilgang.  Ledere, der har varig succes ved, at balance er nøglen og finder det uvurderligt. Jeg kan hjælpe dig med at udvikle dig og trives personligt og professionelt. Sammen sætter vi rammerne for dine behov, forventninger og mål.

̈ Det er dig der bestiger dit eget bjerg af succes. Som din coach er jeg bjergguiden, der fra en anden position kan hjælpe dig med at få nyt perspektiv i valg af vej og navigere i de mange udfordringer, du vil støde på på rejsen til toppen¨

-Anders Brogaard

‘Anders Brogaard - Coach’