Sales price increased 2,700%, just with a story!

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The 2009 Significant Objects study was an experiment conducted by Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn.

The experiment involved a group of writers who were given a set of inexpensive thrift store objects and asked to create short stories about them. The stories were then used to sell the objects on eBay.

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The experiment aimed to test the hypothesis that the subjective value of an object can be significantly increased through storytelling. The results of the experiment showed that the value of the objects increased by an average of 2,700% over their original thrift store price, with some items selling for hundreds of dollars. The experiment garnered significant attention and sparked discussions about the relationship between storytelling, branding, and consumer behavior.

It also inspired similar experiments and studies, and has been cited as an example of the power of narrative in marketing and advertising.

In recent years, scientists have started to study the effects of storytelling on the brain. They have found that when we hear a story, our brains light up in multiple areas, including those involved in language processing, sensory experiences, and emotions. This is because stories activate the brain’s mirror neurons, which allow us to experience the story as if it were happening to us.

When we listen to a well-crafted story, we become emotionally invested in the characters and their journey. This emotional engagement makes the story more memorable and more likely to be remembered long after the speech is over. It also makes the story more persuasive, as we are more likely to be swayed by an emotional appeal than by a logical argument.

The value of storytelling in public speaking translates to the camera and screen. With the rise of remote work and virtual events, more and more public speaking engagements are taking place online, whether it be through video conferencing or pre-recorded videos.

Our own term ¨Insiderfluencers¨ refers to the hugely untapped resource, of employe’s speaking to camera and delivering the company’s vision, tips and ideas, on the worldwide on-line arena. The principles of storytelling remain the same, even when presenting on camera.

The key is to make the content engaging and memorable, which can be achieved through storytelling techniques. As people remember what you made them feel, much more than what you actually said.

-Anders Brogaard/Coach

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En betroet rådgiver, en person, der har din ryg, en der hjælper dig til at nå de resultater, du vil skabe. Den person, med hvem du udfordrer og udforsker din mentale kapacitet til innovation og ydeevne. Alt med en afbalanceret helhedstilgang.  Ledere, der har varig succes ved, at balance er nøglen og finder det uvurderligt. Jeg kan hjælpe dig med at udvikle dig og trives personligt og professionelt. Sammen sætter vi rammerne for dine behov, forventninger og mål.

̈ Det er dig der bestiger dit eget bjerg af succes. Som din coach er jeg bjergguiden, der fra en anden position kan hjælpe dig med at få nyt perspektiv i valg af vej og navigere i de mange udfordringer, du vil støde på på rejsen til toppen¨

-Anders Brogaard

‘Anders Brogaard - Coach’