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In the past, public speaking was all about commanding a stage and engaging an audience through voice, gestures, and body language. However, with the rise of digital communication and video technology, the “stage” has shifted from a physical space to a virtual one. Today, camera presence is just as important as stage presence, if not more so, in the digital age.

“With the rise of digital communication, camera presence is more important than ever. Leaders who can connect with their audience on screen will be the ones who succeed in the digital age.” – Daniel Newman, Futurist and Author

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Whether you’re presenting to a remote audience through a video conference, creating online content for your social media channels, or appearing in a corporate video, your camera presence can make or break your message.

When people are watching a video or a live stream, they are more likely to be distracted by other things happening around them. This means that you need to work harder to capture and maintain their attention. Strong camera presence can help you do this by engaging viewers with eye contact, facial expressions, and body language that translate well on screen.

Nonverbal cues are more important than ever: When you’re speaking to someone in person, your body language and facial expressions can help convey your message and establish rapport. The same is true on camera, but the stakes are higher. With limited physical contact, nonverbal cues are often the only way to connect with your audience and make an impact.

Authenticity matters: In today’s world, people are looking for authenticity and transparency from their leaders and public figures. They want to feel like they’re getting a real, unfiltered view of the person behind the camera. Your camera presence can help you convey that authenticity by being genuine and relatable in your delivery.

“In today’s world, where digital communication is the norm, camera presence is critical for leaders. It’s not enough to have good ideas; you need to be able to convey them effectively on screen.” – Susan Cain, Author and Speaker

Your online presence is your brand: In the digital age, your online presence is often the first impression people have of you. Your camera presence plays a critical role in shaping that impression, as it helps you convey your personality, values, and expertise to your audience.

In a study by the University of Cambridge, researchers found that people who were able to convey authenticity and emotional expressiveness in their video presentations were perceived as more trustworthy and credible by their audience.

-Anders Brogaard/Coach

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En betroet rådgiver, en person, der har din ryg, en der hjælper dig til at nå de resultater, du vil skabe. Den person, med hvem du udfordrer og udforsker din mentale kapacitet til innovation og ydeevne. Alt med en afbalanceret helhedstilgang.  Ledere, der har varig succes ved, at balance er nøglen og finder det uvurderligt. Jeg kan hjælpe dig med at udvikle dig og trives personligt og professionelt. Sammen sætter vi rammerne for dine behov, forventninger og mål.

̈ Det er dig der bestiger dit eget bjerg af succes. Som din coach er jeg bjergguiden, der fra en anden position kan hjælpe dig med at få nyt perspektiv i valg af vej og navigere i de mange udfordringer, du vil støde på på rejsen til toppen¨

-Anders Brogaard

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